Re: Tektronix 2230

Saroj Pradhan

Hi satbeginner
Understood. After I am satisfied with my repair work I will connect those
wire directly to the FET.

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On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 06:33 PM, Saroj Pradhan wrote:
Before, at the beginning when I started to repair 2230, I Googled many
thread and forum. Some body suggested to remove the molex connector that
goes to the FET for connection and solder the wire directly to the FET.
What might be the reason behind this?
That connector I understood is known to sometimes develop a bad or
intermittent contact which can upset or even interfere with the operation
of the prereg to the point of possibly causing a no start condition. The
effect is compounded due to the FET getting hot and transferring heat to
the pins and the connector contacts, and in turn to the nylon body as well.
Sometimes the nylon body of the connector even looks a bit "baked" a sure
sign that its overheating, most probably due to poor contacts and IR^2
losses on a high amp current path. Clipping off the connector and soldering
the wires directly to the FET pins restores/eliminates this potential
contact problem. Back then I did it not have to remove this connector on my
2213A, just made sure all contacts where clean and tight, but anyone's else
mileage may vary. As long as the legs of the FET and the contacts of the
connector look to be in good shape, and the nylon body is not deformed or
shows signs of overheating I think it would be ok to keep the connector as
it makes troubleshooting/replacing the FET much easier.

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