Re: Tek 4654M; No Trace, No +5V, No +95V; Help


Thank you Dick. As happens, I stumbled onto the source of the 95V shortly after posting. Regardless, I am still struggling on getting this unit repaired. I thought I saw issues with diode CR582 (in the 95V supply) and transistor Q742 (transistor in the +5V circuit). Replaced both components but no measurable difference in results after doing so. At a loss of where to go from here. My basic electrical theory and understanding of this unit may just be too weak. With the +5V TPs reading -.749 and the 95V TP reading +5.71V it points to a component going to ground. Maybe a cap, resistor, or perhaps a faulty transistor or diode. I just am not seeing where the circuits seem to go bad. I've been wondering if I could have an issue in transformer T550 or in U550 the HV module. For instance, should I have +95 on pin 2 of T550? Currently I don't. Harrison N1FAM

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