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Colin Herbert

Just a thought: the slowest rate of the time-base might just be slow enough to register on a multi-meter. An analogue one would be best, but a digital one might well give you some idea of the swing. You can investigate this safely from outside the casing by using the "A-Gate" BNC at the rear. OK, it gives a pulse, not a ramp, but if the time-base is running this should show up. It might even be worth using the X/Y mode with two different signals to verify if the X-deflection circuitry is doing what it should be doing.


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Thanks for your encouragement as I was thinking along the same lines. The problem at the moment is the heat and I can only work comfortably in my workshop in the mornings. I was going to see first if the sweep generator is working. Without a display I could not see the extent of the problems.

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