Re: 475 With a bowed display. . . .Ideas?

Steph L

Michael, I'm not all that familiar with using Markers

So Re: "Problem is when I put my marker signal from my marker generator into the unit and set Volts/Div knob for 6-8 division vertical markers then I center the middle marker to align with the center vertical graticule line, as you move away from the center, the markers become more and more "leaned in" in at the top"

I'm assuming the Marker sig gen is fed in via Z axis coming in through P1452 Pin2 (sheet 10). There is a heap of circuitry that follows.
I guess I would be looking (with another cro) for signal folding/distorted on the positive excursions. In particular if signal is too close to +ve rail.

I was wondering what happens when you feed a short duration pulse into Ch1 for display on screen and same height?
Does the pulse behave the same way or is it only when using Markers?

Steph Lancaster
Melbourne (Aust)

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