FS: Tek 11301A with 4 Chan & Diff Comparator Plug-ins

Bill Perkins

I have a Tek 11301A mainframe ser. no. B010135, an 11A34 4-chan plug-in ser. no. B010219 and an 11A33 diff comparator plug-in ser. no. B020129 for sale.

Everything had been sitting unused and owed to me for the last three years and finally arrived in beautifully packed, excellent condition from Toronto last week.

I bought an Artek Op manual copy for it, have spent a couple of hours with it and everything seems to work as expected. All controls respond, the touch screen areas all respond, everything drawn on the screen is sharp and clear with no trace of screen burn.

Cosmetically the mainframe is excellent, not a mark of the front or rear panels or controls and only a small-ish dig on the blue vinyl (?) covering on the removable top cover. The 4-chan plugin is unmarked while the diff comparator took a hit and has a chunk cracked out of its plastic front panel overlay, otherwise it's fine.

The cal' stickers are intact on both plug-ins although no cal' date is to be seen, leading me to think they might be the factory originals.

The keep alive batteries measure 3V as they should and it holds its settings thru a restart.

The shipping container is excellent, with at least 2" of fitted foam on all six sides. It rode 3,000 miles to Calgary from Toronto by UPS Ground and arrived unmarked and in such condition that it's reusable for reshipment.

$US550.00 all-up but shipping costs which are on the buyer's dime.

I also have a little cute little HP 3476A Digital Multimeter for $US50.00, a Wavetek 182A 4MHz Function Gen for $US75.00, and two of the 182A's exact predecessor from 'ED Engineering Co. Ltd.' in Japan, their model FG-1881, for $US75.00 for both. One is fine, the other produces no output.

Wavetek 182A Op_Serv is here:


Hit me off-list pls.

Bill Perkins
3020a Erlton St. SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 2Y6

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