Re: looking for internal photos of Input RC Normalizer (067-0537-00)

Greg Muir

With respect to modifying an item of this type I suspect that whomever does it has no need for the intended function and, instead looks at the usefulness of the enclosure. If the more-or-less nonstandard value normalizers seem to be more prey to modification, it is unknown as to why except for the possibility that a large number of them may have been dumped by a large user (military?) and then they were found on the surplus market by others.

When one looks at the price for a comparable Pomona Electronics box complete with BNC connectors attached and the $40 price tag, some old item that they found (probably in their junk box) looks pretty attractive cost-wise. And this type of thing is not only found for a Tek product. I have seen many other manufacturers products built in similar enclosures (especially the Pomona products) apparently being repurposed for the immediate need of the user.


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