Re: FG 504 problems

Dan G

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 03:41 PM, Colin Herbert wrote:

While its position is shown on
the Internal Adjustments section A3 Loop Board diagram, there appears to be no
indication of which is the default setting and which the VCF input setting. I
cannot locate the jumper on the schematics either.
Hi Colin,

The W20 jumper is shown on schematic <1> ("Triangle Wave Generator" in
post-B040000 service manuals, and "Main Loop" in early editions.) It
is shown in the upper left corner of the schematic, just above "VCF INPUT".

The jumper is in the N/C position when it is placed toward the back of the
plug-in. Moving it to the front of the plug-in routes the VCF Input signal
to P1275.


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