Re: 475 With a bowed display. . . .Ideas?


On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 09:38 AM, Michael W. Lynch wrote

Nice find Michael. Congrats.

Problem is when I put my marker signal from my marker generator into the unit
and set Volts/Div knob for 6-8 division vertical markers then I center the
middle marker to align with the center vertical graticule line, as you move
away from the center, the markers become more and more "leaned in" in at the
top. Left and right of center, the tops of the markers lean progressively
more and more toward the center as you move farther from the centerline. The
bottom trace line is barely, but ever so slightly bowed. The vertical markers
are straight but just leaning in toward the centerline. The bottom trace
bowing is not nearly as profound as the "leaning" of the markers. Trace can
be adjusted to about 1/2 trace width of bow, checking at top middle and bottom
of the display.
I’m not sure, but that makes me think « geometry »? Maybe??

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