Re: looking for internal photos of Input RC Normalizer (067-0537-00)

Jared Cabot

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 07:58 PM, Colin Herbert wrote:

Further to HÃ¥kan's kind provision of this photo, apart from the fixed
capacitor and (1M0) resistor in parallel, the other side of the Normalizer has
an adjustable trimmer capacitor. If this is present, removal of the white
plastic cap on the opposite side (if present) should reveal the screwdriver
slot for its adjustment. If you cannot see a screwdriver slot, then the
trimmer is absent. Don't fiddle with the trimmer if it is present, check out
the instructions for the use and (possible) adjustment of Normalizers on

While I note that this particular Normalizer is 15pF, all normalizers look
pretty much the same inside. The differences being the value of the
capacitance(s) and the words on the cover. I think all the resistors are 1M0.

There are a number of different models with differing capacitances; some
common, some less so. I received a "modified" Normalizer a little while ago
(it had been converted into an attenuator for some reason!) and the supplier
replaced it free of charge and with no argument. The peculiarity here is that
Normalizers for 47pF, 30pf, 24pf and 20 pf are relatively common, but the odd
values such as 15pf and 22pF seem to be butchered by some people. Why would
anyone want to modify an unusual Normalizer and not a more common one?

Yeah, I have read through the manual and even made my own version too ( ).
The 15pF version is used on the 2445 and 2467 scopes I have here, one day I'll amass more as needs arise. Although, they are a pretty easy thing to DIY.

I have no idea why a standard metal-can crystal would have been connected between the input and output BNC's in mine.....

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 07:30 PM, zenith5106 wrote:
Perfect, exactly what I was looking for.

Much thanks! :)

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