Re: TM 500 Digital Multimeter Recommendations

Vince Vielhaber

I have a DM501 and two DM502A. I had two DM501 but after getting my first 502A, I got another one soon after. The 501 uses an unobtainium IC, I used to have two 501s, that IC went in one of them. With the current state of rarity of the 504A, if I needed another one it would definitely be a 502A.

Vince - K8ZW.

On 08/06/2020 09:18 PM, Dave Seiter wrote:
You could get a Tek handheld DMM; I've had mine since about 1985 (the only Tek item I've ever purchased new!), and it still works perfectly.
On Thursday, August 6, 2020, 10:52:27 AM PDT, Stephen <stephen.nabet@...> wrote:

Ooh, the DM501A has soft buttons? I didn’t realize that. I hate soft buttons.
From the 2 last responses, it appears that since no DM504 are currently available anywhere, and since I don’t own a TM500x, I’m either gonna get a DM501 with the waffle rotary switch, or no Tektronix DM at all...
Are these good at least?

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