Re: 7834 Missing Trace


Ok, I have the top rear cover off, it appears the leads would be long enough to swap J2203 and J2208. To clarify, you're suggesting I return R2135 to roughly its original position, turn on the scope, turn the readout on from the front panel, turn the scope off, swap J2203 and J2208, then turn the scope on and check for a trace?

End to end continuity of the J2208-4408 connector is good. Q2216 is not socketed. Looks like I'll have to take out the PSU to get to U4494, but all the other ICs in the scope seem to be socketed, so I may try to get to that and clean its contacts first to see if that helps.

You say it may be risky, does anybody else following this have any more precautions I should take or other suggestions?


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