Re: eBay / PayPal Changes and our alternatives

Tom Gardner

There will be alternatives for buyers, including using paypal.

What are the realistic alternatives to ebay for occasional sellers of test equipment?

Craigslist is moribund here; maybe that will change.

On 05/08/20 18:10, Michael W. Lynch via wrote:
On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 11:53 AM, Tom Gardner wrote:


My replies interleaved

I hope I'm mistaken, but it looks worse for private sellers....
True! It is always worse for the sellers, even with today's rules.

- you might need to dispatch goods before receiving payment; I've had a couple
of non-payers recently
Not going to happen! No Pay, No Parts.

- you have to give ebay your checking account details; fraud opportunity
Again, they are not getting that financial information from me, either as a buyer or a seller. Thus PAYPAL.

- if a buyer claims a refund, that can be automatically sucked from your
checking account
- which might force you into an overdraft or prevent your normal standing
orders/direct debit payments from going through, which might.......
More BS and reason NOT to comply or participate.

E-bay is quickly becoming "Alibaba West"

I search quite often for unique or interesting test equipment. In the past year, I have noticed that almost everything has skyrocketed in cost and for shipping. Perhaps this is a sign that I have enough test gear and projects?

No PAYPAL and I am gone from E-Bay.

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