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Hi Chuck,
The first thing I can say is I always appreciate you input.

I did receive a complaint about it so I took a closer look. What I saw was an awful lot of messages with only two individuals involved. I was concerned that others might find it annoying.

It was a judgement call. But since many others indicate they are benefitting from it please accept my apology.

Dennis W7pF

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Are you serious? Why is the 2230 not worthy of long threads, but every damn thing else is?

Yes, it is bit of a chit/chat fest, but the messages all seem to me on topic. Bandwidth (ha ha!) is minimal, perhaps less than 40K for the entire thread.

I admit that I care nothing for the 2230, but others do.

So, why?

-Chuck Harris

Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
You are creating an excessive amount of unnecessary message traffic, consuming significant bandwidth, and taking up precious storage on TekScopes.
I believe the best way for you to explore your mutual interests regarding the 2230 is to communicate directly to each other rather than through TekScopes.
If you need further assistance please contact me directly.
Thank you,
Dennis Tillman W7pF

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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