Re: Message to satbeginner and Saroj Pradhan re: Tektronix 2230

Greg Muir

I’ll probably take some flak over this.

Yes, on-topic discussions are fine as far as I am concerned but it seems to be the nature of others to predictably wander off the path and start discussions about the creation of the universe, different brands of steel wool, the effectiveness of lawn fertilizer, swimming pool maintenance and other comparable dribble.

It would be nice if everyone kept in the back of their minds that these sites are created to share pertinent information related to the topic at hand, not as a “chat room” in which to wander on through the idiosyncrasies about the meaning of life. We’re here to share our technical knowledge to help others learn and, in return, find answers to our own questions in a semi-professional way.

I do understand that there may be a share of members who seen to be hopelessly trapped in their homes due to the ongoing pandemic but if the urge strikes one to post unrelated thoughts it best be done via off-list contact with the person you wish to share those thoughts with.

I may be wrong but I feel that Dennis may have developed a little impatience from looking at the entire picture, not just only the posts between “satbeginner” and Saroj Pradhan. I, myself see on goings in many posts every week that allude to unrelated conversation when a topic finally jumps the rails and ends up continuing for dozens more postings of no relational value whatsoever.

Dennis may have happened to reach that “point” where he felt it was time to say something. We all exhibit that behavior when something finally irritates the devil out of us and we finally have to take action and say something.

As for myself, I do receive the digest mode via email and seldom go to the website because of the numerous OT posts that follow. It gives me a quick indication as to when to stop looking at topics when they veer off course – which seems to be quite frequently. I personally do not have untold amounts of time to waste.


PS – Maybe it is time to create a “”

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