Re: 7834 Missing Trace


Unfortunately the problem is just that. I can get a trigger light on both of the horizontals, with the display set to either CH1/CH2 or chop, but there is still no trace. With the side panels off I made a cursory inspection of the boards and the only thing unusual I could find was a capacitor with a strange glassy blue substance on top of it. I presume it is leakage, but I haven't seen one leak like this before. It is on the A25 storage board just behind the fan, so I'm not sure if that could be related. From what I can tell from the troubleshooting manual I think the problem is either in the CRT, the horizontal, or the PSU. I did notice the night before that in certain settings the display would flicker a bit, but as it warmed up the problem seemed to dissipate. Hoping the whole scope didn't become trash the day after I bought it, haha.

Here is an image of the capacitor:


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