AWG2005 Issues and Repair Question.

Michael W. Lynch

I recently obtained a SONY/TEKTRONIX AWG2005. It had a couple of issues. First the power supply would quit working after it warmed up for about 30 minutes and would not restart until it cooled overnight. After I replaced the power supply, I was able to start the unit and leave it running overnight, so the supply was now "good".

Currently, the unit powers up normally, goes through the startup routine and passes all the Self-Tests with flying colors. Never shows an error code upon start up. The display is bright an clear, every function and control appears normal. Unfortunately, it only works properly for a few minutes then keyboard response to each button press seems to first slow down and finally freezes up for lack of a better word. It does not shut down, it simply stops responding to all front panel commands. I must unplug the power cord and then restart, it will repeat the entire process again.

I have pulled all the boards and looked for obvious signs of corrosion or other damage. There appear to be no leaky caps and the thing only uses a very few electrolytic caps (excluding the powers supply). I do not see any chips that are in sockets, everything seems to be soldered directly to the PC boards, as you would expect. No signs of any previous repairs. All the boards appeared to never have been disturbed before I removed them for inspection. I have also re seated all the ribbon cable and other inter-board connectors, again, there does not appear to be any visible problem with these.

Anyone have an idea of where I should start looking? I have very little experience with these digital devices, I can find my way around an older analog scope and a schematic, but this is a different animal.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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