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The pdf manual that I have doesn't suggest that there is a detent. However ,
it describes it as a "Frequency Vernier" and labels it "CAL". Confusingly, the
photo on TekWiki labels it "VAR". My FG503 and FG504 both label the similar
controls "VAR", but it has to be said that the labels are a little worn. I
might suggest that the photo on TekWiki shows a replacement knob for the
original "CAL" knob. But I have been wrong before.
Mine also reads “VAR”...

This all beggars the question of why a "Frequency Vernier" is needed when
there is a big "Frequency Hz" control on all of these Function Generators?

Perhaps it just adjusts the frequency over a small range?
Probably. I’m no expert, but I don’t really see any practical use for that feature.

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Can someone with a FG502 confirm, or not, that the VAR control on the FG502 is
suppose to click to a detente? I would think so, but the one I bought

Thank you.

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