Re: FG502

Harvey White

Eh bien, mon ami, c'est la guerre.... <grin>


On 8/3/2020 6:23 PM, Renée wrote:
Bill , I should not reply but that is funny all because I placed an e at the end of detent.....c'est la vie .
they do just fine andbehave if I have a dmm or pg between them. 503 is always trying to bully the others!


On 8/3/20 3:07 PM, Bill Perkins wrote:
    Damn,that shoulda been:

What, they don't get along with each other ?  :-)

    Brain Glitch Bill

my FG501, 501A and FG503 no detente, most likely same on the 2
    What, they get along with each other ?  :-)

    Bill @ PEARL, Inc.

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