Re: OT - Any interest in starting a Tektronix Logic Analyzer Group? (with added bonus question!)

Paul Birkel <pbirkel@...>

+1 from this interested bystander :->.

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*Finally* the right answer! Thank you very much, and the price on these is right, so I'm stocking up.


As David pointed out, what started as a small question kind of exploded, so I'd like to reorient it for
just a moment. Whether there's a need for a *discussion* forum is open to endless (and, probably,
increasingly tedious) debate, and the conversations will (it's reasonable to speculate) range across
a spectrum between "tool itself" and "application", I think we can agree. 'Nuff said on that point.

So perhaps I should have been a little clearer: My experience in the other group I alluded to (which
I share with David) is that the forum proper isn't enough; to a very large extent it's about the "files"
section, which has become its centerpiece. We've amassed a considerable archive of the user
manuals, software, firmware images, and schematics necessary not only for using and maintaining,
but augmenting those systems. Users are replicating (otherwise-unavailable or expensive) component
modules thanks to the collective effort to gather documentation *and* reverse-engineer.

While I'm not suggesting anyone's going to go *that* far wrt analyzers, if you pick something up at
a smokin' deal (dead or alive) and want to get some use out of it, there oughta be a central repository
for all its related material. No manuals? Got 'em. Bad firmware? Download an image and burn your
own replacements - and maybe upgrade to latest rev while you're at it. And the reason to make it
general (rather than manufacturer-specific) is that (to the best of my knowledge, at least) the previous
efforts to create and/or sustain an exclusive group (in this case *Tek* analyzers) have flopped or stalled.

So let's go another way. We can toe-chew the usefulness of such a group endlessly, but it's going to
be more informative to actually *try* and see what happens.


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