Re: Why would you do this?

David Berlind

I would say that while it's true that not ALL ebay sellers are padding
their revenue through exorbitant shipping fees, the pattern is bad enough
from eBay's perspective that the shipping cost is now included in eBay's
math for the cut it takes from a sale. This used to not be the case and was
almost certainly a response to sellers gaming the system. I remember going
on eBay and seeing things that I was interested in for exceedingly low Buy
it Now prices. Then, I became hip to how the sellers were making it up on
the shipping price because eBay wasn't taking a cut of that. Well, now they
do. For documentation, the shipping should be super cheap thanks to USPS
media mail.

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 4:23 PM Dave Seiter <d.seiter@...> wrote:

Ebay sellers most certainly do not all "make some money" on packaging and
shipping! In fact, since ebay final value includes any shipping cost, they
are actually losing money on shipping unless they are hugely padding the
shipping amount (and some do, but it seems to mostly be brick and mortar
stores with an additional ebay storefront that do so, and the people who
think their $20 item is worth $300).
I never pad the cost of shipping, charge for materials (unless the buyer
wants something specific that I don't already have), and I refund excess
shipping fees when they occur (if more than a few cents). That's usually
due to a listing with fixed shipping that gets purchased by someone local.
I also never use stock photos- like you say, it's asking for trouble unless
the item is still shrink wrapped.
On Monday, August 3, 2020, 12:51:04 PM PDT, Roy Thistle <
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On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 09:58 AM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:

So why would he want to take additional photos for a manual he is
selling for
$15.00. I thinking he is doing any member who has a P6042 probe a favor
offering it at all.
Hi Dennis:
It's refreshing to read your post... since I tend to be cynical about Ebay
sellers (and Crag's List et. al. sellers too.)
IMHO 20USD is a good bit! (lt's more than millions, maybe 10s of millions
of Americans make in an hour, or even 2 hours.) Thus, for a few minutes
work, the seller probably made about 20.00USD. Not Bad, for something
he/she got from a dumpster! The seller made some money on the
shipping/packing too!... they always do! And, the seller already has an
Ebay store... selling toy ships, and shoes, and candle wax... even selling
tomatoes, but not kings.
Ebay has copious warnings about buying items based on cropped, or single
photos, or even stock photos... and though I am not a Ebay seller..listing
items, with such pics, leaves a seller wide open for someone to file a
case against them, for "not as shown/described."
Lastly, how much time does it take to push the camera button, a couple
more times, to get good documentation!... and why don't some sellers do
Best regards and wishes.

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