Re: Trying to understand the 453 calibrator

Harvey White

It depends on the scope.

On a 7000 series scope, the bar is insulated and there's a separate calibrator BNC.  Use whichever you need.

The closest I can get to a 453 is one of my 468 scopes, where I didn't see a calibrator BNC (very quick look), did see a bare wire loop.  That wire loop was labeled with a current and voltage.  You can get that if the wire loop goes to the source, then is grounded through a current limiting resistor for the current probe.  I think that the voltage was roughly 200 mv p-p.

If the loop is directly grounded, all it can provide is a current, and you'll find the calibrator output elsewhere.


On 8/3/2020 1:25 PM, Richard P via wrote:
Ahhhh. That’s above my pay grade, I suppose. I just thought you used the little bar to compensate a basic probe.

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