Re: Trying to understand the 453 calibrator

Harvey White

It's a current loop for calibrating current probes.


On 8/3/2020 1:12 PM, Richard P via wrote:
I’ve always been able to get a good 1 kc square wave from the front panel BNC calibrator output. Works ok for compensating a probe. But I never could get the 1 kc signal from the probe loop on the side panel. Today, I verified the signal is being delivered to one side of the loop through parallel resistors equaling 20 ohms, in agreement with the schematic. But since the other side of the loop is tied to ground, also in agreement with the schematic, it seems to me the square wave is going to ground, and hence, that is why I have never seen any square wave on the loop. Never, ever. The loop is a ground. How is this supposed to work? Thanks.


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