Re: OT - Any interest in starting a Tektronix Logic Analyzer Group? (with added bonus question!)

saipan59 (Pete)

On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 10:30 PM, Harvey White wrote:

I just looked up the price of the Beagle.  I am now giving my wallet CPR....
Fair enough (it is $330 retail I think). I just looked on eBay, and saw a used one for $120 or Offer.
But if you need it regularly, and you have limited bench space, and you need a complete set of features, and if your time is valuable (relative to building your own tool), then isn't it a good investment...? For full disclosure, I should perhaps mention that I got my personal Beagle for free, as a prize in a Microchip design contest. :-)

Canuck wrote:
That argument doesn't hold a drop of water. If I discover my curve tracer is down and I'm trying
to fix it, should I be asking in a forum dedicated to the audio equipment from which the transistor
I want to use it to characterize came from?
If I'm trying to drive to Edmonton to see a play and my car breaks down, should I seek car repair
help in a group specializing in Alberta playwrites?

Point taken, although your counter-examples are a bit extreme. I should not have suggested "application" without more context.
My counter-counter-point is: When your Tek curve tracer is broken, do you need a Curve Tracer forum, or a more general Tek forum (like this one)? The former is impractical I think, just like (I suspect) a L.A. forum would be, for the reasons already discussed.
Car breaks down (you didn't mention which Tool is involved): Would you go looking for a "tool forum"? No, most likely a "Ford forum" is the practical answer. That's my point.


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