Re: OT - Any interest in starting a Tektronix Logic Analyzer Group? (with added bonus question!)

Jim Ford

Arium? Wow, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. I picked up a couple of Tek Prison, I mean Prism, logic analyzers from a now-defunct start-up company I worked for back in the early 2000's. They owed me money for consulting, and I took my pay in test equipment. I passed over their Arium logic analyzer and eventually sold the 2 Prison systems and bought a Tek TLA711. The realtime clock battery went dead a few years ago and silly me, I tried to remove the RTC module myself and probably cut a trace or two. I've asked on this group for a schematic of the Benchtop Controller, which is a Windows 98 PC in a module, to no avail. One of these days I'll either fix it and sell it or just sell it as-is.

As Chuck points out, logic analyzers aren't as useful as they once were. That little start-up lived and died by the logic analyzer, in the days of slow (compared to today), wide parallel buses, expensive and limited memory, and small (compared to today) CPLDs and FPGAs. I haven't needed mine for a long time, and the TLA711 is a monster, with 11 slots and the potential for literally thousands of channels (mine can handle 102 with a single 7L3 module, although I only have the special cables for 51 channels, all I've ever needed). Still, with my other 1970's to 1990's vintage gear like the HP 8566 spectrum analyzer, 8350B sweep oscillator, and 54504A digital scope (not to mention someday owning a Tek 7854), it would be wise to keep a logic analyzer handy.

So count me in if you ever get a Logic Analyzer group going. Like I really need another group to belong to; my wife was just telling me today even 2 groups (TekScopes and the HPAK group) are too many and give me ideas. Like the 19-inch rack I just bought on eBay a week or so ago for $80. But that started with a used equipment house sending me an email at work about their rack sale; nothing to do with the groups. Of course I had to look at how much racks were on eBay. At $80 and local pick-up only right off the freeway on my way home from work, with the seats already removed from the van due to her buying used patio furniture, I figured it was a sign from God! Who am I to go against the Almighty when He so clearly gave me a sign?!

Anyway, good luck with the new group, if it ever gets off the ground.

Jim Ford

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Noting that I'm replying nearly ten years after this posting, yes, an analyzer group is needed,
and I really don't think it should be Tek-specific. In fact, there are *already* various analyzer
groups here (both Tek and non-) that haven't seen a post. It's going to take a small group
of people (or maybe just one who's kind of obsessively nuts) to give one a proper launch. I
say open it up to Tek, HP, Arium, and whatever else anyone wants to pour in. In my experience
over in the Data I/O group, people and the potential for discussion is not enough; a critical mass
of useful files (docs and software) is what makes the difference and brings active users.

Bonus added question:

I have a TLA 510/520 I want to press into use. I have the 92C96 acquisition board, cable,
and leads - all the way to the individual two-pin signal (+gnd) leads meant to be plugged into
header pins on the target. That's where my problem starts - I need grabber clips (EZ-Hook,
KlipChip, etc.), but the grabbers only have a single pin and the probe cable won't fit onto
them. In the manual for this thing (under "optional accessories") they describe:

p/n 020-2108-00: Six 8-channel lead sets, 12 Y-cables, 72 KlipChip Adapters

Are these "Y-cables" little two-wire splitters that go between the probe tip and the grabber?

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