Re: OT - Any interest in starting a Tektronix Logic Analyzer Group? (with added bonus question!)

saipan59 (Pete)

On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 07:10 PM, Harvey White wrote:

useful to demystify things like the I2C bus. Yes, there are other devices
(very cheap!  10 dollars) that can do that, but they are not data sensitive,
and there are times when I need that (what is byte XXX in message sent?)  For
me to *really* get an idea of what's going on, I'll need to write my own
protocol analyzer.
Hi Harvey; I don't follow... a common (and relatively cheap) protocol analyzer, such as a Beagle ( ), shows protocol details/data, and timing, with a little USB dongle. I have the I2C/SPI version, and the USB version. Works great for those specific serial buses.
Am I missing your point?

Application example: A few years ago at HP, working on a storage controller that included a large SoC chip that included I2C for controlling power regulators in a startup sequence. Vendors docs were not detailed enough, and my power system design was a little different from their Reference Design, so there were issues. I used a Beagle to see and capture exactly what it was doing on power-up...
Simpler example, which I've needed multiple times: A CPU is trying to talk to something, but the I2C address is wrong. A Beagle immediately tells me what it's trying to do.


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