Re: Why would you do this?


with all due respect there is a manual on the tek wiki site. although sometimes the scans are not as good as the original, especially the little pictures of waveforms.
print it out and bind it yourself ( fed ex office has same kind of binding) and is a possibility....only added bonus it is not tattered.....

one can get just the plastic binding and replace just that too on an original manual.

On 8/1/20 9:29 AM, snapdiode via wrote:

As we can see the photo of the manual is cropped to hide the spine and cover edge.

I assume the spine is totally cracked and wrecked and the edge is tattered.

But the price is OK, all I want is an answer from the seller, and I've been messaging the seller for a week.

Does anyone have a physical P6042 manual for sale for less than 20$ and reasonable shipping?

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