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Hi Snapdiode,
Given the condition of the front cover you can see this manual was heavily used so you can assume the spine also shows comparable wear and tear. In addition to that, these comb bindings become brittle with age and the plastic changes from white to light yellow. If it was in a smoking environment (quite common years ago) that will add even more deterioration to it. I think it is expecting too much to assume anything about the spine including if it is still there at all.
If the spine is cracked or missing entirely it is easy to find an office supply store that can put a new comb binding on it for you. The price is pretty insignificant to replace a comb binding. I can do it for you if you want.
I don't think he is trying to hide anything. It is probably more likely the spine was not important enough to the seller to include in the photo.
As you indicated the price preferredgamingandtrade is asking is quite reasonable. At this price he isn't making any money with this auction. So why would he want to take additional photos for a manual he is selling for $15.00. I thinking he is doing any member who has a P6042 probe a favor by offering it at all. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I didn't have it already. Most people would toss this in the recycle bin rather go to all the trouble to list it.
Dennis Tillman W7pF

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As we can see the photo of the manual is cropped to hide the spine and cover edge.

I assume the spine is totally cracked and wrecked and the edge is tattered.

But the price is OK, all I want is an answer from the seller, and I've been messaging the seller for a week.

Does anyone have a physical P6042 manual for sale for less than 20$ and reasonable shipping?

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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