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Colin Herbert

I think you'll find that there is a switch to the right of the AMPLITUDE rotary switch which looks a little like the "AC/GND/DC" switches on many Tek scopes. This switch is marked STD AMPL/FAST RISE/HIGH AMPL and when put in the FAST RISE position the PERIOD led lights up and the AMPLITUDE led extinguishes. The controls on the greyed section of the front panel become operational and you can select the PERIOD and PULSE AMPLITUDE. The outputs are two BNCs; either fall or rise. It should all be in the manual.

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My scope 2432A gave a 9300 Trigs/Repet fail error some time ago. It works fine but I decided to fix it.
I did do a cold start and self cal passed. Also Atten Gain and Trigger adjustments passed.
My difficulty is Chan Delay adjustment. The Service manual (page 5-13) just said: “Set the Calibration Generator for a FAST RISE output”. But it is not clear what frequency and amplitude (Vp-p) is expected by the scope. I don’t have Calibration Generator PG 506. I read the manual on PG506, but it did not become clear.
I know that for non-critical applications the external calibration can be ignored, but I just won’t to remove the annoying inscription on start up
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Peter.

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