2432A Chan Delay adjustment

Peter K

My scope 2432A gave a 9300 Trigs/Repet fail error some time ago. It works fine but I decided to fix it.
I did do a cold start and self cal passed. Also Atten Gain and Trigger adjustments passed.
My difficulty is Chan Delay adjustment. The Service manual (page 5-13) just said: “Set the Calibration Generator for a FAST RISE output”. But it is not clear what frequency and amplitude (Vp-p) is expected by the scope. I don’t have Calibration Generator PG 506. I read the manual on PG506, but it did not become clear.
I know that for non-critical applications the external calibration can be ignored, but I just won’t to remove the annoying inscription on start up
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Peter.

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