Re: TM 500 Power Module Tester and Utility Power Supply

Bill Perkins

I have one that was made by Tek (has a Tek serial number). It has a single,
purpose built Tek PWB in it, which has been numbered "670-8715-00" in
Sharpie. The two trimmers in mine are Bourns 386 series. All the front
panel controls and I/O are connected to the PWB with hookup wire (including
the Scope output). The board is laid out such that all these connection
points are near the front panel end of the PWB, and they all appear to be
labeled in the etch layer.

Dave Casey
Would you mind pulling the covers off and taking a few photos of each side of the PCB and both sides of the front panel?
I'm interested in building one myself too.
Likewise . . .


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