Re: DC503 Not Working

Harvey White

It tells me that something is drawing too much current.

Generally, it's a tantalum capacitor.  The tantalum may NOT read a dead short, only some do.  It could read low, draw an amp on a circuit where the circuit was supposed to draw 100 ma.  I'd want to remove the fuse, check the power current vs. the fuse rating. Use the 20 amp range on a meter.

If it's not a tantalum, then something ought to be getting rather hot in operation.

The previous owner "fixed" the problem the same way that an "expert" electrician fixes a power problem by putting a penny behind the fuse.


On 7/31/2020 6:22 PM, Stephen wrote:
I changed the 2 caps, as someone suggested. I’ve rechecked the voltages, and they are all good.
I’ve also re-cleaned the sockets. And nothing has changed. I’m waiting to modify the JAMMA connector to checks all that you guys suggested.
However, I did notice something maybe worth mentioning, and that might give you experts a clue as to what’s not right:
1- The plugin fuse (Fast 2A), blows every once in a while when I power the TM on and off 5-10 seconds apart Or so, to check if the “0” comes on in the same position, or at all. The previous owner had soldered a 4A fuse. Maybe because he had the same problem and thought 2A wasn’t enough... I don’t know why he’d do that. Grrr...
Does that tell you something?

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