Re: Stuck switches on 453

Gary Robert Bosworth

Be extremely careful when drilling into potentiometers. You will almost
always drill into the resistive wire or element and ruin the pot. I cannot
stress this enough. Gary

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020, 07:21 Abc Xyz <yawrdanza@...> wrote:


I know a guy who told me he immerses Stuck Potentiometers/Switches in
Solution to free them up. I personally have not Witnessed the take it for what its worth.
Also, I have Read where one Drills a Very Small Hole in the Body of the
Mechanism and Dribbles Solution in...again, I have never tried it or seen
it done.
I have tried turning the Scope where the Potentiometer Shaft is Vertical
and place a Few Drops of Deoxit on the Shaft itself thinking Gravity would
pull the Cleaner down into the Part...didn't work for me but it may be one
of those things where a Great Deal More Patience is Needed!


On Thu, Jul 30, 2020, 10:46 PM Richard P via <wb5nen=> wrote:

I’ve used my Model 453 for years for basic audio but it has always had a
problem. The rotary switches on each of the variable sweep rate
potentiometers (one on the front panel, and one on the side) are frozen
the uncalibrated positions. Therefore, the “Uncal A or B” light is
lit, and the sweep rate for either A or B is uncalibrated. These combined
switch/potentiometers are like a rotary volume control with an on/off
switch. But stuck. I’ve tried to loosen them up with DeOxit, contact
cleaner, even liquid wrench. But these guys are pretty-well sealed up,
access to them in the 453 chassis is very challenging. I can see the
moving a bit, so I believe the problem is inside the switch/pot
not that shafts are stuck in bushings. Any thoughts on this one?


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