Re: TM 500 Power Module Tester and Utility Power Supply

Harvey White

It's worth building, if only partially.

As designed, it allows you to check AC voltage and phasing, bulk supplies, power transistor beta (not directly), and provides a +5 and +/- 15 volt general purpose supply.

Tektronix may or may not have made these, I don't know.  The description suggests that it was intended for internal use as a testing tool.

If you do not want or need the regulated supplies, then bringing out the transistors individually allows using a transistor tester.  A plugin strip for a 5 volt regulated supply and pickoffs for the other pins (to go to a front panel) could be made fairly easily, there are some designs already that simply bring out the pins.  What you do with those pins is up to you.

It's a design where you could throw a bit of technology at it and automate some things, but that's an "up to you" kind of thing.

The pots are in the feedback circuit for the regulators and should adjust the 15 volt supplies.


On 7/31/2020 1:43 PM, Colin Herbert via wrote:
Does anyone know any more about this item? It has the ID# 067-1201-99 and I have the Tek "manual" for it as a pdf. There was also another document which was termed "Construction Note". Did Tek make any of these, or did they see them as totally for people to make themselves? The "manual" that I have has the ID# 061-3001-00. The "Construction Note" (which I also have a pdf of) seems to be exactly that as well as being a Service Manual in that it gives some assembly information that would be useful to a constructor. Both documents include a schematic, but I cannot find any information on the function of two preset pots R127 and R227. These are described in the Replaceable Electric Parts List as "non-wirewound, 5K0, 20%, 0.5W" and I am assuming that they set the +15VDC and -15VDC output levels respectively.

It looks like an interesting item.


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