Re: Type 184

Tom Gardner

On 31/07/20 16:26, Stephen wrote:
I have this Type 184 that I acquired a few months back from EBay.
After cleaning all the contacts and switches, it works fine. However, the last calibration stickers dates from 1982. So I assume it hasn’t been calibrated since.
Yesterday I checked the 10Mhz base frequency and found this:,,,20,2,0,0

Is it acceptable? It oscillates between 10000.024 to 10000.030 kHz
There are two possible answers:

* is it with the published specification?
* does it do what you need it to do?

I don’t feel confident nor confortable touching it. Would you?
Yes I would, but I'm not you.

I have been /very careful/ not to physically touch some of the internal metalwork when plugged in, and only to bend some of the exposed wires after it has been /unplugged/ for at least a minute.

My attitude? If you are happy with it, then touching it can only make you less happy with it.

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