Re: DC503 Not Working


On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 09:23 AM, Harvey White wrote:


If the two capacitors are ok (when one leg lifted), yet are not shorted,
and there's still a short measured across them, then what else can be
I didn’t measure a short across them; neither in circuit nor with one leg lifted.
They read the correct value (within specs), and there is no resistance reading with one leg lifted.

TTL Chips will measure a low resistance from vcc to gnd  when
properly biased, so many times, you may be tempted to blame the
capacitor.  Assuming, then, there's a short somewhere.
I have replaced ALL the chips on that main lower board, except for U270 & U272 which I couldn’t find.
This is frustrating as hell.
I have yet to check for a signal on pin 10 of U330.


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