Re: Dead TM500 plug-in sought

Colin Herbert

I have a couple of the Dan Meeks extenders, which are rather more useful. They have better module and mainframe connections and have test-points, jumpers and tell-tale leds for 25VAC "A" and "B", 11.5VDC, and 17.5VAC and +/-26VDC. They use a ribbon-cable for the interconnection and are a work of art. However, if you want to check whether the pass-transistors are working or not, you still have the fiddly problem of making connections to two sides of the female connector at the same location. My idea is to bring out a number of the back-plane connectors to a front panel so that they are easily accessed for checking. I think Tek made a module that would do something like this, but I have never seen one (067-1201-99 ?).

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I bought one of these to act as an extender:
and it works perfectly without an modification other than cutting a slot in the male end to accommodate the connector keys in the chassis.

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