More goodies uploaded to the Sphere Stuff Day event on line.


Just added all kinds of Tek, HP, Boonton, Narda and HP items to the site, as well as lots of unusual semiconductors and parts. Also a beautiful ESI 295 digital capacitance bridge. Drop by over the weekend and look around, it's like a virtual surplus store adventure on line. A nice change from Netflix.

Still have some tek 465M timebases, 7B53A's and a very sexy 2216 quad trace digital scope. There's still a few free Kk and 7K plug-ins left to add to orders on request, and I found a partial 11K high speed 50 ohm vertical with the 2 front end vertical relay attenuators in it, can be free for the first person that asks for it (off-list, please!).

We are off to look at an estate sale Aug 1 that has a LOT of tek plug ins, some 2/3 series and 5K/7K.. no idea yet what the cost will be, but we will try and round up some good ones, and pass them along as cheaply as we can to anybody interested.

Be safe over the weekend!
all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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