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Jeff Davis

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Thanks for your responses. At the risk of returning the thread to the original topic 🙂, I thought I'd clear the mystery up, at least a little bit.

Turns out the customer DOES have a 485. But clearly, his 485 does NOT have the original cord wrap. It appears that at some time in the past, they were replaced with the feet that I shared in the photo album. If you'll look, you'll see that there's a notch cut out of one side of the foot. That apparently was done to make the foot fit onto the scope and avoid interference with the housing protrusion. I added a photo of the foot installed to the album

So, mystery partially solved. I have some idle curiosity about where the foot came from as it's clearly not a 454, 465, or 475 foot (I know those by sight). But I can live with it. One day I'll come across one and the light bulb may (or may not) light up.


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I think I've heard those referred to as "Mickey Mouse" connectors.

Barry - N4BUQ

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Funny you should mention those IEC power connectors, Dennis, as I just
received a new wired router (opting for security, reliability, and speed
for my 3 computers that stay in one place) today, and what do you know,
it did not have an IEC connector on it. Instead, the power cable had a
"3 merged circles" (kind of like 3/5 of the Olympics symbol) connector.
Not sure why.

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