Re: Tektronix 2246 flickering screen, ch2 not working.


I just found more proper service manual for my scope. There are some minor differences between scope and schematics (no RO jitter adj) - other else looks exactly the same. Processor board matches. Also there are some differences in schematic 7 compared to previous SM (z axis, ctrl mux) that matches my scope.

From now, I suggest to reffer to this new SM.

Anyone have any hints and clues where to search for fault? I went through schematics many times, tested and I think i went into some kind of loop. Need some fresh look on this problem. If someone have knowledge, and will be kind enough to look into schematics in posted SM and give me some hint i will be greatfull. I think problem might be in digital part of scope - As those "blankings and jitter looks digital to me, not analog - but maybe I am wrong. On the EEVblog forum (link obove) there are many measurements done.

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