Re: 485 Cordwrap Feet

Roy Thistle

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 12:30 PM, Jeff Davis wrote:

Would greatly appreciate anyone who could shed light on this mystery
If you look at the back of a horizontal 475, lying on a table top... (not standing on its feet)... it looks, by your pics... that the intact foot in those picture... is one of the two feet, on a 475... that would be closest to the table top.
By the crafty design, of that/those particular foot/feet (no doubt the work of a devil)... it has a rectangular shape to the "bottom" of the foot (as in your pics)... rather than the 1/4 pie shape of the two other feet. By the bottom of the foot, I just mean the part that touches the surface the scope would be standing on.
Perhaps, as Dennis pointed out... the rectangular shape, versus the 1/4 circular shape, helps to hold/store the cord.

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