485 Cordwrap Feet

Jeff Davis

I had a customer approach me about developing a replacement cord wrap foot for the Tektronix 485. He sent me one of his that was mostly intact - but it led to some questions that I'm now posing to the group.

The 485 service manual shows that the cord wrap looks a lot like the cord wraps on a 2465, i.e. two assemblies, one right side and one left side, that extend from the bottom to the top, and the cord wraps around the two of them.

On the other hand, what my customer sent to me looked more like a foot from a 465, i.e. 4 pieces, one on each corner, with flanges to hold the cord. The cord wraps around the four pieces located at each corner.

Did early and later versions of the 485 have different cord wraps? If so, are they interchangeable? I can only find one version of the service manual, and it shows the 2465-like cord wraps.

Would greatly appreciate anyone who could shed light on this mystery.

Jeff / N0DY

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