Re: Frequencies and voltages required to calibrate a 2400-series scope?


On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 9:40 AM Roger Evans via <very_fuzzy_logic=> wrote:

I am very interested to follow this thread since I might well need to
recalibrate a 2465B and I am not keen on removing the NVRAM without some
better de-soldering tools. I have no problem in providing the timing
references from some home made synthesised generators and low frequency
amplitude calibration from a PG506 but I don't have anything beyond a SG503
for constant amplitude at high frequency.
Hey Roger,

From what I gather (from Chuck's post is that the SG504 or similar
is used for bandwidth performance validation. It sounds like when you play
with the transient response calibration, you'll need to compromise the
response against bandwidth.
I don't have experience with this myself, as when I calibrated my 2467 I
didn't touch the transient response calibration as I didn't have a pulse
generator fast enough at the time.

I have a 2465 I need to re-cap and calibrate one of those days, at which
point I plan to mess with this and make note of the signals required by the
calibration process.


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