Re: TM506


On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 01:03 AM, Doug Bercich wrote:

The photos - to me, if I'm interpreting them correctly - show diodes on the
first one and a thermal switch on the second. I'm not sure which manual you're
working from but that might be part of the problem. The manual on BAMA is from
the '60s but the one on TekWiki is from 1974 and looks very similar to your
Yes, I can see the 2 diodes. They are connected together on the other side.
The other one, I don’t know what it is...
So where are the High Power slot pass transistors???

The manual I have is from TekWiki. And my board read 1973. But the serial number does not start with a B. It’s 200324

Remember to be VERY careful while probing around. We've all done it - let a
meter lead slip and bridge some transistor legs or worse... Also, if you're
using a mains powered oscilloscope during troubleshooting you can't just clip
the ground wire anywhere or you can end up with worse problems than you
started with.
I am not probing anything anything at this point. Let alone with the unit ON. Just checkIng values and fuses.

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