Re: DSA 602 acting up (power supply?)


Years ago I had a service guy for our ultrasound machines show me a trick.
This was for cleaning contact fingers on printed circuit card edge
connectors (not on anything like delicate switch contacts). He would use a
dollar or other currency he had in his wallet and would pinch it around the
edge connector fingers and rub it back and forth a few times. Seemed to
work. Paper is fairly abrasive so it makes sense. Has anyone heard of this?
I have used the idea and never had a problem with rubbing off the plating.
I would not do this on the contacts in those Tek switches.

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AFAIK the white one is the soft one Don't even think of using the hard
on gold pads.

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Hi Tom,

thanks for the answer and all the details. Right now I have a big repair
to finish, an HP8645A with multiple faults. But I'm confident to finish in
week or so.

I guess I will recognize the "Hypcon", must be something special. What is
this "white Stadler-Mars eraser"? Is this the one with fiberglass, or the
usual rubber?

Summer holidays are approaching... I must motivate my boys to carry the
other DSA from the basement up in the lab, so I can take care of both of
them. Theres a firmware topic to be clarified, too....


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