Re: DSA 602 acting up (power supply?)

Tom Norman

Hi Martin-

The Hypcon connector was invented by Tek, to serve as a means of connecting hybrids to the surrounding circuit board, presumably to minimize connection related impedance matching issues. The M377 chip rests in a square cutout in the circuit board, backed by a heat sink, with the Hypcon connector "on top". The eraser I used is soft white rubber. I don't think there is any fiberglass in it. There are some good illustrations of the connector in the extended service manual for the 11A34 on Kurt's Tekwiki site. That is where I found a copy of the 11301 extended service manual as well.

Don't forget to move something of equal weight down when you bring the DSA up from the basement....preserve that building center of mass you were talking about in another post! A refrigerator might be about right.


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