Re: S-6 troubleshooting (S/N B044657): updated schematics required

Albert Otten

Hi Max,

Now I made a mistake in reading "XB" in the parts list: R43T/R44 were introduced long ago in stead of removed. The .5 k replacement resistor I mentioned must be a new version NTR. The resistance indeed drops when heated.


On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 05:50 PM, Albert Otten wrote:

To be more precise, in my physical pcb version R40 is missing and in their
place there are two small little tantalum caps.
Hi Max, I think you are mistaken here. R40 (RT40 in the parts list) is the
small cap-like component just right-above the label R40 and left above C10 in
the PCB-layout and in the photo at Tekwiki. Just measure its resistance and
then put your fingers on it.
Moreover, I don't find any R43 and R44 on my pcb. The funny thing is that
are present on the schematic (1988 version) but not on the pcb layout of the
same manual...
RT43 and R44 were removed long ago and replaced by the 0.5 k resistor between
C10 and the trimcap, at least in my S-6 and in the photo at Tekwiki.


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