Re: Calibrators vs Signal/Function Generators


On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 10:59 AM Dave Daniel <kc0wjn@...> wrote:

Yes. That’s my point.

Suppose one uses a Tektronix SG-504 to calibrate a ‘scope. But how does
one know that the SG-504 is properly calibrated?
SG504 AFAIK is used only to validate the flatness of a scope's frequency
response and its bandwidth.
It isn't used for amplitude or timing calibration.
As such, the only requirement on the SG-504 is to be amplitude STABLE
across frequency (for relatively short durations of time). This in turn is
ensured mostly by design and construction, where it has a temperature
compensated amplitude control loop that extends practically all the way out
to the output connector. This eliminates the major problems with cable
losses and reflections.

So, taking the amplitude out of the equation, all you need to calibrate is
the frequency scale, and accurate-enough timing is easy enough to come by.

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