Re: Need 067-1051-00 right angle extender for 7D20


On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 02:08 AM, Dallas Smith wrote:

are your saying that the ROM;s have gone bad?
No the ROM's haven't gone bad. The problem I described concerns only these diagnostics errors
when nothing else seem wrong. So, since you have the right F/W versions and obvious malfunction
the F/W is not your problem.

Here's the original message from Wizards Workshop 1984:

7D20 ERROR CODES 654321 & 65432

REF: 7D20 Instruction Manual
P/N 070-3858-01

There have been several instances where the above mentioned error codes
have appeared and nothing can be found to be defective. What these two self-tests
are doing is checking pre-amp balances and positioning capabilities. Any small error,
even though in specification, will be checked by the CCD Multiplexer and A/D Converter.
The accumulation of these small errors may be outside the firmware window that has been
set-up for the self-tests. When the firmware is next updated, this window will probably
be opened up. For the present, here are a few hints that may help clear the self-test error.

1. Check both channels gain, atten balance, position offset, and position gain.
2. A9R626, 1.05 Mohm, P/N 321-0483-00, should be selected for the lowest value you have
available. i.e. 1.0395 Mohm.

A permanent cure is being generated and will be published when ready.

The permanent cure was if all ROM's were -02 to update U500 and U700 to -03.
For earlier versions all ROM's had to be updated.


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