Re: Tekscopes Top Ten Posters :-)

Marcello Pellerano

Hello all,
notwithstanding I've subscribed this Group some time ago, my "post rate" is
far below our Top Ten Posters' ones, mainly because my knowledge is quite
limited in this area, and my specific help to the few members I could help,
was made with individual emails.
But T&M instruments are one of my interests, and I read all the messages
from this Group with pleasure and attention.
So I want to thank you all from the knowledge sharing and for your help I
had from time to time too.
The last example? John Miles, who modified his nice plotter emulator to let
it work with (my) HP 3562A!
Nice software, made by a nice person! Thank you again, John


The PG Offline program that was recommended earlier works very well.
After downloading all 17,000 posts in this group, it told me the
following statistic regarding top ten most prolific posters (name
followed by total posts to the group):

Craig Sawyers 1356
Miroslav Pokorni 1138
Stan Griffiths 838
Larry Christopher 539
John Miles 414
arthurok 381
Denis Cobley 367
Stefan Trethan 272
Robert Morein 247
Ashton Brown 218

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