DSA 602 acting up (power supply?)


Hi all,

after I replaced the NVRAM battery and some 50 hours of usage my DSA 602 starts acting up again.

This time it seems to be the power supply. During the last 10 or so power cycles, when I switch the unit from standby to on it takes a while before it starts. Sometimes i even have to toggle the switch a second time. Looks like a capacitor issue in the standby supply... is this a know fault, and does someone know hot and where to cure it, given there is no service information on the power supply module available.

Also recently, I got a calibration error on one of my plugins (the 11A72 with 2x1GHz, sitting in the middle). 2 or 3 constants are out of range on one channel. I wonder if this is in any way related to the above problem. I tend to not believe in independent random faults occuring the same time...


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